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2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

Good quality Oil Free Screw Air Compressor for sales
Good quality Oil Free Screw Air Compressor for sales
Your screw air compressors sell well in our country,and thanks for your support in time and quickly reply!

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I like your compressor ,it is strong and reliable.

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2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

China 2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running supplier

Large Image :  2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand Name: Schneider Sunshine
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: SRC-250SA/SW

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case, Carton
Delivery Time: In 30 days after get the value
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
Supply Ability: 50PCS/month
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Detailed Product Description
Cooling Style: Air Cooling Or Water Cooling Air Capacity: 25.1~32.5m³/min
Motor Power: 180kw Speed: 2980r/min
Noise: 72±5dB Oil Content: 1~3ppm
Cooling Air Capacity: 850m³/min Cooling Water Capacity: 12m³/h
Total Weight: 3700kg Dimension (L*W*H): 3150mm*1830mm*1900mm

25.1~32.5m³/min Two Stage Screw Air Compressor 180KW Air Cooling or Water cooling


Air intake status ≤Ambient temperature intake pressure 1.013bar(A) Voltage(V)
Start-ups Y-△ Noise dB(A) 72±5dB
Oil Content 1~3ppm Outlet Air Temperature ambient temperature+8℃


⊙ Schematics

2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

1. Air Filter 9. Oil Temperature Control Valve
2. Air-in Easing Value 10. Oil Filter
3. Principal Screw Machine 11. One-way Shut-off Valve
4. Oil Air Separator 12. Pressure Gage
5. Oil Air Separating Filter Core 13. Safety Valve
6. Minimum Pressure Valve 14. Vent Valve
7. Radiator with Aluminum Alloy Fans 15. Compressed Air Dry Separator
8. Return Check Valve 16. Motor


⊙ Twin-screw air compressor introduced mainframe


2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

      All are screw-type compressor with a modem environmental-protection paint. Its surface machining so many years after the use of castings can effectively avoid corrosion.
     The modem word processing centers under the control of the technical specifications for testing. ’The most advanced machinery and the use of modem technology and constant monitoring. It applied to all processing operations. For us on the Company’s compressor quality certification of the commitments made by providing good protection.
Shaft sealing device
      Equipped with dual wheels metal framework amine fluoride rubber ring to withstand certain pressures. Formation of the shaft seal can be lubricating device. Bush axis of the company’s exclusive use my special processing technology. A perfect sealing performance and long life.
      Each screw compressor is the heart of the compressor mainframe. From the latest CNC machine operators of multi-level screw fully automated manufacturing process and materials used by the higher minimum guarantee its tolerance. Reliability stronger. Ground processing and computer control of the multi-step rotor combine. 100% of the rotor to ensure the accuracy of profile.
      To ensure the speed and load bearing capacity. Using screw compressor bearing capacity of a very high-quality bearings. Guaranteed longer bearing life.


⊙ why choose us

Longer service life of the master machine
     The rotor uses asymmetrical line running at a low speed with the support of the ball bearings and roller bearings as a result. The damage and the cost are lowered and the service life is extended. Some force is counteracted by the axial force generated by the bevel gear. So the load on the bearings of the master machine is lowered.
Permanent alignment of the electromotor and the master machine
     Different from the strap compressor, the SRC series compressor can integrate the electromotor with flange, shaft coupling box-gear box. and the master machine into one in such way the master machine and the electrometer are aligned forever in the transpiration. The SRC series compressors equipped with effective and fully sealed air-cooling electromotor.


⊙ Type air compressor pause

2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running


Specifacation Cooling Style Air Capacity
Discharge Pressure
Motor Power
Cooling Air Capacity
Joint pipe Size
Total Weight
SRC-7.5SA Air cooling 0.85 7 5.5 2980 380V50Hz 80 1/2″ 230 850*735*990
0.8 8
0.6 10
0.4 13
SRC-10SA Air cooling 1.1 7 7.5 2980 380V50Hz 80 1/2″ 410 850*735*990
1 8
0.8 10
0.6 13
SRC-15SA Air cooling 1.7 7 11 2980 380V50Hz 80 1/2″ 475 1100*750*1150
1.6 8
1.4 10
1.2 13
SRC-20SA Air cooling 2.4 7 15 2980 380V50Hz 100 1″ 560 1350*850*1150
2.2 8
2.1 10
1.7 13
SRC-25SA Air cooling 3.1 7 18.5 2980 380V50Hz 145 1″ 580 1350*850*1150
2.9 8
2.7 10
2.2 13
SRC-30SA Air cooling 3.8 7 22 2980 380V50Hz 145 1″ 640 1350*850*1150
3.5 8
3.2 10
2.7 13
SRC-40SA Air cooling 5.2 7 30 2980 380V50Hz 255 1″ 900 1350*850*1150
5 8
4.3 10
3.7 13
SRC-50SA Air cooling 6.4 7 37 2980 380V50Hz 255 1½″ 980 1550*950*1450
5.9 8
5.5 10
4.8 13
SRC-60SA Air cooling 8 7 45 2980 380V50Hz 255 1½″ 1050 1550*950*1450
7.7 8
7 10
5.8 13
SRC-75SA Air cooling 10.5 7 55 2980 380V50Hz 268 2″ 1250 1900*1240*1700
9.8 8
8.7 10
7.5 13
SRC-90SA Air cooling 11.7 7 65 2980 380V50Hz 268 2″ 1530 1900*1240*1700
11.3 8
9.5 10
8.4 13


Specifacation Cooling Style Air Capacity
Discharge Pressure
Motor Power
Oil Content Cooling Air Capacity
Cooling Water Capacity
Joint pipe Size
Total Weight
SRC-100SA/SW Air cooling
Water Cooling
13.6 7 75 1~3ppm 400 5 2″ 1850 1900*1240*1700
13 8
11.6 10
10 13
SRC-120SA/SW Air cooling
Water Cooling
16 7 90 1~3ppm 400 6 DN80 2100 2640*1540*1880
15.5 8
14 10
11.5 13
SRC-150SA/SW Air cooling
Water Cooling
20.8 7 110 1~3ppm 600 8 DN80 2580 2640*1540*1880
19.5 8
17.5 10
15.5 13
SRC-175SA/SW Air cooling
Water Cooling
24 7 132 1~3ppm 630 9 DN80 2700 2640*1500*1880
23 8
20 10
18 13
SRC-200SA/SW Air cooling
Water Cooling
27.7 7 160 1~3ppm 850 10 DN80 3200 2640*1540*1880
26.5 8
22.5 10
20.1 13
SRC-250SA/SW Air cooling
Water Cooling
32.5 7 180 1~3ppm 850 12 DN100 3700 3150*1830*1900



◆Type selection of working pressure (exhaust pressure)
     When the user is ready to purchase an air compressor, the first thing is to determine the working pressure needed at the gas end, plus a margin of 1-2 bars, and then select the pressure of the air compressor. (This margin is to consider the pressure loss from the installation site of the air compressor to the actual pipeline of the gas end, and to consider the pressure margin between 1-2 bars according to the length of the distance). Of course, the size of pipeline diameter and the number of turning points are also factors affecting pressure loss, the larger the pipeline diameter and the fewer turning points, the smaller the pressure loss; conversely, the greater the pressure loss.
     Therefore, when the distance between the air compressor and the gas-end pipeline is too far, the diameter of the main pipeline should be enlarged appropriately. If the environmental conditions meet the installation requirements of the air compressor and the working conditions permit, it can be installed near the gas terminal.
◆Selection of volume flow rate
①When choosing the volume flow rate of air compressor, we should first know the volume flow rate of all the gas-using equipment and multiply the total flow rate by 1.2 (that is, to enlarge the 20% margin).
②the new project can be selected according to the flow rate provided by the design institute.
③to understand the volume and flow parameters of the gas consumption equipment for the gas supplier.

④Air compressor station transformation can refer to the original parameter value and the actual gas consumption.
     Appropriate type selection is beneficial to users and air compressor equipment. Too much waste of type selection and too small type selection may cause the air compressor to be in a long-term loading state or insufficient gas consumption or pressure can’t be beaten up.
◆The relationship between the three power, work pressure and volume flow rate
    When the power is unchanged, the volume flow rate and working pressure will change correspondingly when the rotational speed changes. For example, a 22KW air compressor is manufactured with a working pressure of 7bar, and the rotational speed is calculated according to the technical curve of the main engine of the air compressor. The exhaust volume is 3.8 m3/min. When the working pressure is 8bar, the rotational speed must be determined. It must be reduced (otherwise the drive motor will be overloaded), at this time, the exhaust volume is 3.6 m3/min; because the speed is reduced, the exhaust is reduced accordingly, and so on.
    The selection of power is based on the condition that the working pressure and volume flow are satisfied, and the power supply capacity can meet the use power of the matched driving motor.
Therefore, the selection of air compressor steps are: first determine the working pressure, then determine the corresponding volume flow, and finally the power supply capacity.
◆Consider the combination of gas fields and conditions.
     If the use of air space is narrow (marine, automotive), it should be vertical; if there is a long-distance change in the use of air (more than 500 meters), it should consider mobile; if the use of electricity can’t be used, it should choose diesel engine driving; if there is no running water in the use of occasions, it must choose air-cooled.

Users often have a wrong idea about air-cooled and water-cooled cooling modes. They think that water-cooled is good. Air-cooled modes account for more than 90% of small air compressors at home and abroad. This is because air-cooled is simple in design and no water source is needed in use.
There are four fatal shortcomings of water-cooled air compressor: it must have complete upper and lower water system with large investment; water-cooled cooler has short life; it is easy to freeze the cylinder in winter in the north; it will waste a lot of water in normal operation.
◆Consider the quality of compressed air.

      Generally, compressed air produced by air compressors contains a certain amount of lubricating oil and a certain amount of water. In some cases, oil and water are forbidden. At this time, attention should be paid not only to the selection of air compressors, but also to the addition of ancillary devices when necessary.
      The solution is to select a non-lubricated air compressor. The air compressor cylinder is basically oil-free, and its piston rings and fillers are generally polytetrafluoroethylene. But this machine also has shortcomings, poor lubrication, high failure rate; PTFE is also a harmful substance, food, pharmaceutical industry can’t use; no lubrication air compressor can only achieve gas transmission without oil, can’t do without water. The second and commonly used method is to add the air compressor (either) to the first or second stage purification device or dryer. This device can make the air of air compressor contain neither oil nor water, and make the oil and water content in compressed air less than 5 ppm, which can meet the technological requirements.
◆We should consider the safety of air compressor operation.
      Air compressor is a kind of machine working under pressure, which is accompanied by temperature rise and pressure, and its safety should be put in the first place. The state implements a standardized "two certificates" system for the production of air compressors, i.e. air compressor production license and pressure vessel production license (gas storage tank). Therefore, when selecting air compressor products, we must strictly examine the "two certificates". Usually the quality assurance system of certified manufacturer is perfect, there will be no major quality problems, even if there are some problems, the manufacturer will be responsible for three packages.



♦ Fully seal & double screw, dual shockproof, smooth operation, can be installed anywhere.
♦ With a exquistie shape and compact structure and cover a small area.

♦ Large displacement, stable pressure and high efficiency.

♦ Low exhause temperature (only 7 °C~10°C higher than the ambient temperature)

♦ Safe, liable, smooth operation, little noise and long maintenance cycle and using life.

♦ The intelligent control system completely satisfy the continuous cooperation without man work.
♦ Many screw air compressors operate together and start or shut down automatically

according to the air amount, and no man-work is needed.

♦ It is more energy saving for a single compressor can adjust air demand automatically according to the users' air amount(frequency conversion type).

2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running2980r/Min Industrial Screw Compressor 2 Stage Approximate Noiseless Running

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